Technical standard terms for construction applications for Specific Plans

In order for the MRA can process the applications for approvals of the Specific Plans pursuant to section 86(1) of the Mineral Resources Act and section 13 of the Licence the licensee must submit the construction application materials in an engineering high quality.
All applications for Specific Plans shall be designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with Greenland laws, regulations, provisions and guidelines. Including the applicable Greenland Building Regulations. The MRA recommends the licensee to seek inspiration in the following link: www.byginfo.gl.
The applications for Specific Plans shall describe the projects precisely and with such a level of detail that it can form the basis for final clarification of the conditions contained in the regulatory approval, as well as for tendering, contracting and construction. This refers to subsections Main Project in applicable Description of Services, Civil Works and Planning and to Description of Services, Construction and Planning by FRI, the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers and DANSKE ARK (the Danish Association of Architectural Firms).
The application materials for Specific Plans must e.g. include following:
  • Drawings, comprising general drawings, layout drawings, installation drawings and detail drawings
  • Reviews of load requirements that affect structural capacities
  • Dimensioning, including any statics calculations
In general following scales for drawings are used for the application materials for Specific Plans:
  • Site plans: 1:2500 / 1:1000 / 1:500
  • Layout plans: 1:200 / 1:100
  • Floor plans, elevation drawings: 1:100 / 1:50
  • Cross sections: 1:100 / 1:50 / 1:25
  • Detail drawings: 1:25 / 1:20 / 1:10 / 1:5
In case the Greenland laws, regulations, provisions and guidelines is not sufficient the Licensee shall prepare, implement and maintain any Specific Plans that is according to acknowledged best international practices under similar Greenlandic conditions.
The MRA has the right to dispense and require stricter requirements from the requirements mentioned above by law of Greenland Parliament Act No. 7 of 7 December 2009 on mineral resources and mineral resource activities (as amended):
3.–(1) The Mineral Resource Authority under the Government of Greenland is the overall administrative authority for the mineral resource area, including all matters relating to mineral resources, mineral resource activities, use of the subsoil for storage or purposes relating to mineral resource activities, related energy activities, related pipeline activities and other related activities.
86.–(1) Activities covered by licences granted under this Greenland Parliament Act, including establishment of buildings, facilities and installations, etc. in and outside the area covered by the licence and measures in connection with temporary suspension of exploitation activities must be approved by the Government of Greenland before implementation in accordance with the terms laid down in the licence.
The following are our requirements within section 19 and 43 of the Mineral Resources Act.