Health and Safety

The Mineral Resources Act aims to ensure that activities under the Act are performed in a sound manner as regards safety, health, the environment, resource exploitation and social sustainability and appropriately and according to acknowledged best international practices under similar conditions.

The Mineral Resources Act devotes section 79 to Health and Safety on Offshore Facilities and requires the licensee to “ensure that the enterprise in question ensures and supervises that the health and safety risks are identified, assessed and reduced as much as is practically possible.”
It follows from the provision that the licensee is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the ALARP principle ("as low as reasonably practicable") has been implemented on the offshore facility.
Under sec. 79 the licensee must not only comply with all mandated rules but must also follow best international practices for reducing health and safety risks in accordance with technical and social developments.

The MLSA is responsible for ensuring companies comply with regulations concerning the Health and Safety of employees, the public, and the environment, as they may be affected by the design, construction, operation, maintenance and abandonment of hydrocarbon activities and facilities.

Our mission is to protect people's health and safety, by ensuring that risks in hydrocarbon activities and facilities are properly controlled.

To ensure that risks are properly controlled, we:

  • inspect
  • investigate accidents and incidents
  • assess safety cases
  • enforce
  • advise, guide and inform
  • research and develop
  • influence technical standards
  • develop policy


You will find that when looking through our application procedures that we place a great deal of emphasis on HSE.

For guidance on HSE matters, please see our application procedures or feel free to contact us directly at .