Mineral Licence and Safety Authority (MLSA) Guidelines for applications, execution and reporting of offshore hydrocarbon exploration activities (excluding drilling) in Greenland
The Mineral Licence and Safety Authority would like to express its thanks and appreciation for the responses received to the”Mineral Licence and Safety Authority Guidelines for application, execution and reporting of offshore hydrocarbon exploration activities (exclusive drilling) in Greenland” draft of 31 July (the Guidelines).

The Guidelines were sent out for public consultation with the draft guidelines of the Environmental Agency for the Mineral Resources Area entitled: ”Offshore seismic surveys in Greenland: Guidelines to Best Environmental Practices (BEP), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Mitigation Assessments (EMA)”.

A white book has been prepared by the MLSA with comments to the responses received to the MLSA Guidelines. The  white book is available for download here. Naalakkersuisut has approved a revised version of the Guidelines. The final version has been published on this page and on Naalakkersuisut.gl/publications.

Please note that requirements for approval and execution of drilling activities are put forward in the "BMP Drilling Guidelines". Specifications regarding design of site surveys are also included in "BMP Drilling Guidelines".

Documents for download
MLSA Guidelines for application, execution and reporting of offshore hydrocarbon activities (excluding drilling) in Greenland, February 2016

Appendix A: Template for 3-day activity reports
Appendix B: Template for weekly report
Appendix C: Template for final acquisition report
Appendix D: Insurance requirements for offshore hydrocarbon exploration activities
Appendix E: Information on the Greenland VMS (Vessel Monitoring System)
Appendix Fa: Reporting of data
Appendix Fb: Reporting of data (spreadsheet)
Appendix G: Template for Fishery Liaison Officer log book
Appendix H: Guidelines for health systems and medical emergency preparedness

Environmental Agency for Mineral Resource Activities (EAMRA) Guidelines
When applying for approval to perform an activity as described in the guideline, the applicant must submit a scope of the project (no later than 1st of December) in terms of environmental mitigation and cumulative effects. Based on the scope of project the EAMRA will assess whether the activity applied for will have or is at risk of having significant impacts on the environment either alone or in combination with other planned or ongoing human activities and therefore requires an EIA process for the activity. Please see the documents below.

Documents for download
Guidelines for preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Guideline for subsmission of scope for offshore hydrocarbon exploration activities, revised 2015. On request a Greenlandic or Danish unofficial translation can be forwarded. 
Offshore Seismic Surveys in Greenland - Guidelines to Best Environmental Pratices, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Mitigation Assessments, December 2015
MMSO resources 2012 (ZIP)
Seismic Protection Zones 2014 (Shape files zip-file format)