Current Licences The Mineral Licence and Safety Authority updates the List of Licences every two weeks. The Current Licences includes a GIS tool showing current licences, areas of importance to wildlife, cities and other information relevant to the mineral industry.

Terms / Laws / Guidelines In this section all regulations specifically regarding the mineral industry in Greenland can be found. This section contains the latest guidelines of EIA and SIA, field rule, standard terms and the mineral resource act.

Application and Reporting Forms All the forms needed for applying either for new licences, transfer of licences or permits for field activities such as drilling, blasting and export of samples. This section also includes the various reporting forms needed when reporting field activities, accounts, geological reports and others to the Mineral Licence and Safety Authority.

Geology & Geophysics This section includes various information on the Greenland geology, existing data, mining projects, exploration projects drill core facilities and more of interest to mineral exploration and exploitation in Greenland.

Scientific Work In this section information about how to conduct scientific work in Greenland including permission for field work and export permits.

Mining History Information about previous mining activities in Greenland and the history of some of the old mines in Greenland.