Applications and Reporting Forms

Guidance for the Application and Reporting forms

This page includes the latest application and reporting forms for mineral prospecting and exploration licences.

Here is a guidance of the procedures:

  1. To apply for a licence; fill in and submit either the ‘Application form for prospecting licence’ or the ‘Application form for mineral exploration licence’. The application forms can be submitted to the MLSA at anytime during the year, there is no specific application deadline. When submitting an ‘Application form for mineral exploration licence’ an ‘Appendix for coordinates for applied area(s)’ must be attached to the application. For the MLSA to register the application as complete, applicants must further pay the application fee (as specified on the application form). If an application is registered as incomplete, the MLSA will inform the applicant and request for additional information. Should the applicant fail to provide the requested additional information within 14 days, the MLSA can reject the application, and the application fee will not reimbursed if already paid.

  2. To perform activities under a licence, an ‘Application form for field activities’ must be submitted to the MLSA for approval no later than May 1st. This application for field activities include, but are not limited to, drilling, blasting and driving in terrain applications. The ‘Application form for field activities’ must be submitted even if no activities are planned for a licence that current year.

  3. To export any collected material an ‘Application form for export permit’ must be submitted to the MLSA. An Export permit will expire December 31st during the year, in which it was granted. An export permit not utilized during the calendar year in which it was issued, cannot be used in the following calendar year.

  4. One month after field activities are completed a ‘Field report’ and an ‘Energy consumption report’ must be submitted to the MLSA.

  5. A ‘Cover for geological report’ and a geological report are to be submitted to the MLSA no later than April 1st in the following year in which the field activities were conducted.

  6. A ‘Financial statements’, which is an account (with documentation) of the expenses during a calendar year, must be submitted to the MLSA no later than April 1st in the following year. To submit an account for a Prospecting licence please use the same form as for an Exploration licence.

  7. A ‘Special reports’ must be submitted after completion of the report. If a special report is incomplete at the time when the ‘Cover for geological report’ shall be submitted a status and expected time for submission of ‘Special reports’ must be informed to the MLSA.

  8. Reports on incidents and accidents shall be submitted to the MLSA as soon as possible.  

Application for new licences

Application for field activities

Application for approval to export 


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