Current Licences

The Mineral Licence and Safety Authority updates the List of Licences every two weeks. The Current Licences includes a GIS tool showing current licences, areas of importance to wildlife, cities and other information relevant to the hydrocarbon industry.
Prospecting Licence

Rules and regulations for non-exclusive prospecting licences in Greenland. Including standard terms, application and reporting forms and example of a prospecting licence.
Exploration/Exploitation Licence

Information on current licensing rounds, rules and regulations for Open Door areas and information on all previous licensing rounds in Greenland
Guidelines for activities

Rules, regulation and information on how to apply for and report on onshore, offshore, airborne and exploration drilling activties under non-exclusive prospecting licences and exclusive exploration and exploitation licences in Greenland.

Approved activities

A list of all activities approved by theMineral Licence and Safety Authority as well as activity reports on hydrocarbon exploration activities.
Geology & Geophysics

Data and information on Northwest Greenland and Greenland Sea. The section also include links to websites with more information and data on hydrocarbon geology and geophysics in Greenland.
Environment This section contains guideline, rule and regulations on the environment. Information on international references documents and environmental reports can also be found in this section.
Health & Safety

Information on health and safety issues when operating in Greenland.
Emergency Response

Information about the emergency response systems and regulations regarding hydrocarbon exploration activities in Greenland.

Exploration wells

A list of the exploration wells conducted in Greenland.