The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources (MIM)

... is responsible for strategy-making, policy-making, legal issues, marketing of mineral resources in Greenland and socioeconomic issues related to mineral resources activities, such as Social Impact Assessments, Impact Benefit Agreements and royalty schemes. The Ministry deals with geological issues through the Department of Geology.

The Mineral Licence and Safety Authority (MLSA)

... is the one-door authority. Licensees and other parties covered by the Mineral Resources Act communicate with the MLSA and receive all notifications, documents and decisions from the MLSA. The MLSA is the overall administrative authority for licences and mineral resources activities, and is the authority for safety matters including supervision and inspections.

The Environmental Agency for the Mineral Resources Area (EAMRA)

... is the administrative authority for environmental matters relating to mineral resources activities, including protection of the environment and nature, environmental liability and environmental impact assessments.

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